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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Show your trees you care with a little trim.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming Experts

Trimming and Pruning is so much more than dead branches.

Our tree trimming and pruning service is designed to help you get the most out of your trees in your yard. We’ll help you identify what needs to be done to keep them healthy and beautiful, as well as make sure they’re safe for you and your family.

Our team will come out and evaluate your trees, including how they’re situated in their environment. We’ll also look at any past pruning work that’s been done and assess whether there’s anything that needs to be changed or updated.

Remove Dead Branches

Ensure Tree Health

Clear Dangerous Scrub

Enhance Tree Beauty

What does Tree Trimming actually do?

We protect the tree, your family, and your property.

It’s not just about the look of your yard. It’s about the safety of your family, your pets, and yourself.

If you’re in a high-risk area for storm damage or brush fires, it’s important to make sure your trees are healthy and strong enough to stand up to these natural disasters. A professional tree trimmer from Landscape Renovations can help you make sure that happens.

When we come out, we assess the health of your trees and shrubs, looking for signs of disease or damage from pests like insects or fungi so we can come up with an appropriate plan for treatment. Then we start removing any dead or broken branches or limbs from the tops of trees (usually using chainsaws) and trimming back any lower branches that are too close together or growing at awkward angles—all while taking care not to harm any other nearby plants or structures like fences or houses! Finally, we tidy up around the base of the trunk so it looks neat and tidy again!

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I have used this company for close to 10 yrs. They are nothing short of amazing. They take the time to make sure everything is perfect and have been extremely patient and helpful when I decided to make design changes. My entire property looks amazing and the compliments from my neighbors proves it. The crew is always respectful to myself, my property and my neighbors.

Tara F.

The Landscape Renovations Team has taken care of all my property landscaping needs for the past several years they have been professional and accommodating throughout I would recommend them to anyone. Truly superior lawn care srevices.

Bob D.
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