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Commercial Hardscaping

Design a professional space with plants, walkways, and seating.

Commercial Hardscaping

Design & Build Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Commercial Hardscaping extends the professional look of any office park or building

As a building owner or manager, you need to keep the exterior or the building attractive and functional. A professionally hardscaped area can create a prestigious feeling to a property. By adding in gorgeous walkways, built in seat walls, tiered garden boxes, and other stone or brick work, you generate trust and security in your tenants, all while attracting new leasers.

When it comes to commercial hardscape, Landscape Renovations is setting the standard in the Glendora, NJ area.


Seat Walls

Layered Gardens

Common Areas

Creating Respect through Commercial Hardscape

Your business exterior sets the tone for your business interior

When potential clients or customers come to visit your office, are you proud? Does the exterior of your business reflect an attitude of care, attention to detail, and pride?

When you design a commercial space with Landscape Renovations, we ensure your perceived professionalism. Plus, we offer full maintenance and care, keeping your space looking as fresh as the day it was built.

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I have used this company for close to 10 yrs. They are nothing short of amazing. They take the time to make sure everything is perfect and have been extremely patient and helpful when I decided to make design changes. My entire property looks amazing and the compliments from my neighbors proves it. The crew is always respectful to myself, my property and my neighbors.

Tara F.

The Landscape Renovations Team has taken care of all my property landscaping needs for the past several years they have been professional and accommodating throughout I would recommend them to anyone. Truly superior lawn care srevices.

Bob D.
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