The landscape commercial maintenance program we provide to businesses can save them time and money. We have a full-service commercial landscaping maintenance program that helps us maintain the aesthetics of our client’s properties while saving them time and money. Here are the 5 steps of our commercial maintenance programs:

Step 1: Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is the first step in a commercial maintenance program. Lawn mowing is a vital part of a successful commercial maintenance program. Lawn mowing is a key component of a well-maintained commercial property.
Sometimes, lawn mowing is called ‘turfing’. However, this term should be avoided as it can lead to confusion with other types of turf grasses used for sports fields and golf courses. Lawn mowing is only one piece of the puzzle; it must be completed before any other steps in your commercial maintenance plan can take place!

Step 2: Bed maintenance (includes edging, mulching, and weed treatment)

The second step of a maintenance program is bed maintenance. This includes mulching, edging and weed treatment. Mulching your beds is an important part of keeping them tidy, but it also helps plants grow better and healthier by keeping the soil moist. Edging keeps beds looking neat and trim, while weed treatment will help keep weeds down so they don’t ruin any plants you have in your yard or garden.
If you want to plant flowers this fall or spring (depending on where you live), now is the time! Planting flowers makes your landscape look beautiful! But after planting flowers, remember to keep trimming them throughout the year so that they can thrive in their new home! Trimming bushes helps them stay nice and neat too!

Commercial Maintenance

Step 3: Planting care/tree & shrub trimming

Planting care and tree & shrub trimming are two important aspects of a commercial maintenance program. Planting care includes fertilization, watering, pruning, and mulching. Fertilization is an important part of planting care because it helps keep the plant healthy by providing nutrients in the soil that are necessary for growth and development. Watering is also very important because it helps keep plants hydrated during periods of extreme weather conditions like droughts or floods which can cause significant damage to them if they do not receive enough water during these periods.
Pruning helps with shaping trees into one direction while also controlling their height so they do not become too big for their space (this can also help prevent disease). Shaping branches on shrubs can make them look neater in appearance which will encourage customers to come back again so you should always take care when doing this type of work on your property!
Mulching around small trees/shrubs provides insulation against extreme temperatures like cold nights without having snow cover everything up; this will allow them grow better throughout springtime months when there isn’t any snow cover yet.”

Step 4: Fertilization

Fertilization is a very important part of your commercial maintenance program. Most lawns need to be fertilized every four to six weeks, but it’s important to know that different types of soil require different frequencies and amounts of fertilizer. The amount and type of fertilizer you use depends on the condition and texture of your soil. Too much fertilizer can kill plants; too little leaves them weak and undernourished. Some types are slow release over time while others are fast acting, so make sure you choose wisely when deciding which one is right for you!
After choosing your fertilizer brand, apply it according to the instructions on the package or website. Wear protective clothing like gloves when handling fertilizers because they can cause irritation if left in contact with skin for too long (especially if they’re not labeled with warnings). Don’t forget about safety precautions like wearing eye goggles or face masks if necessary as well!

Step 5: Seasonal flower installation

Seasonal flower installation is the final step of a commercial landscaping maintenance plan. The goal is to have flowers blooming at all times of year, so you can enjoy them from spring through fall and winter. We recommend that you have your seasonal flowers installed in the first or second week of each season, depending on where you live.
We will work with you to determine what your annual budget should be for seasonal flower installation. We will also help you choose which varieties are best suited for different climates, seasons, and weather conditions throughout the year. In addition to selecting ornamental plants and flowers that thrive in your region’s natural environment, we’ll make sure they’re planted in areas where they’ll receive adequate water while avoiding drought stress; this ensures they’ll grow quickly enough to produce colorful blooms within 6 months or less – regardless if it’s springtime now!
We provide a full-service commercial landscape maintenance program that saves our businesses time and money.
Our full-service commercial landscape maintenance program saves businesses time and money. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in providing quality work at fair prices. As part of our commitment to excellence, we have a strong reputation for quality work, as well as being licensed and insured.

The five steps of our full-service commercial maintenance program provide businesses with a professional, affordable and effective way to keep their property looking great. We offer all of these services at one low price, so you can save time and money on what would otherwise be an expensive process. If you have any questions about our services or want more information about how we can help your business achieve its goals, please contact us today!