Water features can complete your ideal outdoor space. They transform your yard into a tranquil environment of refuge. Your space becomes inviting, relaxing, and immediately gorgeous with a water piece. Any type of water feature creates auditory and visual beauty. You can choose a small, decorated piece or an extravagant piece that becomes your focal point. Whatever size feature you choose, you will have a work of art in your own yard.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, water features benefit you by inducing relaxation and relieving your stress. Features like fountains can act as a natural humidifier by adding moisture to a dry area. If you love or have animals, water pieces are a wonderful addition for them too. Pets love running water and can be a source of water for them if there are no harmful chemicals inside. They can attract wildlife too. For example, birds enjoy birdbaths and fountains, and plants can grow better too. Water features benefit you and your outdoor space, so what are your options? What water feature best suits you and your space?



If you enjoy listening to and watching birds, a birdbath may be the perfect beautiful water feature for your outdoor space. Birdbaths that are maintained well attract a variety of species throughout the year. You can choose a temporary glass or plastic birdbath with a pedestal if you want to try one out for some time. If you know that you love and desire a permanent birdbath, a stone or concrete birth basic is a great option. Fulfill your Disney princess dreams or nature’s haven with a birdbath that fits your style.


When it comes to fountains, there’s a vast array of choices in styles and sizes. Each is equally as pleasing to the eye as the next. Fountains have been around since the time of ancient Greeks and Romans. They are the embodiment of sophistication, and modern fountains now come with electric-driven pumps in order for the water to circulate or spray continuously. This helps to keep the water crisp and fresh. Your options can come from the following list: bubbling boulders, multi-tiered garden fountain, spouting statue, one or multiple spouts, concrete cascade fountain, natural stone aqua rock, etc.

Water Features


Waterfalls are one of the calmest water features to have in your yard. With this feature, you have plenty of choices to choose from. These waterfalls can pour into a pond and/or swimming pool. This combination of a pool of water and a waterfall flowing is really a stunning look. Garden waterfalls can even oxygenate the water in your pond. A mosaic waterfall adds color and personality and is a great option to fall in your pool.


If you want a waterfall but have a small space or there are safety or maintenance concerns, pondless waterfalls maybe your best option. They are easy to maintain too. In order to install, the hole is dug deeper than a pond, and lined with gravel and/or rocks. The pump to recirculate the water lies underneath the gravel and/or rocks. This way you can have a stand-alone, customized to your style and personality waterfall as your beautiful water feature.


You can get creative with a pond as your water feature. If you love plants, this is a wonderful option because your garden will grow strong and live well next to a pond. It truly enhances your garden, and your entire outdoor living space becomes instantly elegant. You could have a whole water ecosystem with a garden pond containing fish and water plants. Take it to the next level by adding a mini waterfall or small fountain. It can be your refuge of serenity before you start your day or at the end of a long day’s work.

Originally posted by Seasonal Landscape Solutions. Via Landscape Web Pros.